Your New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

We spend so much time focusing on resolutions like losing weight, volunteering more, being a better parent, etc.  Take some time to do a few things this year that will make you feel good about yourself!

1. Just toss it.

If you are like me, you have cupboards and drawers full of beauty products that you don’t use but you are afraid to throw it away just in case.  Well now is the time to free yourself from the clutter and what is likely to be bad beauty products.  If you haven’t used them in the last month (a month filled with parties, gatherings and special events) you have no need for it – so throw it away! Yes, all of it!

Great! Now don’t you feel better?

2. Evaluate your skin care routine.

How is your skin looking to you? If you are not happy, go and get a facial and talk to an expert about your skin.  If natural is as important to you as it is to me, make sure and seek out professionals that understand natural products and how they differ from traditional skin care routines,  so they can advise you appropriately.  It is time to learn and implement. The effort will be worth it.

3. A New Head of Hair

When was the last time you changed your hair style? It might be time to switch it up.  A new cut (or even some color) can do wonders for changing how you look and feel about yourself. A professional that understands your hair is worth the money.

So these are my simple and easy to achieve beauty resolutions. Now go out and mix it up. These are much more fun then waiting in line for the treadmill!

What beauty resolutions are making this year?