Dressing With Confidence

I have had the pleasure of communicating with Jackie Clark over the last few weeks. Jackie does outreach for Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer.  Everyone knows someone that has been touched by cancer. And having cancer doesn’t mean you have to feel any less of woman (or man). Jackie, was kind enough to agree to guest post on the subject.  Thank you, Jackie!

Your confidence is something that can take a severe beating when you have been dealing with mesothelioma doctors. It seems that there is always something that is standing in your way, and you might feel as though you are never going to get to where you want to be. While there may be nothing that you can do about your health, remember that you can take care of your own frame of mind. People find that a positive attitude can help them move forward, and for you, this is where fashion comes in.

Fashion is something that has always given women self-confidence and power over themselves. The things you wear are things that you have chosen. They are not reliant on tests or a lot of information from other people. The things that you wear may be, in a very real sense, flags, the things that you fly to let other people know who you are. Are you a sensual siren or are you the girl next door? Do you love vintage styles or does everything have to be sleekly modern? The clothes that you wear reflect your personality, so think about what that means.

What have you been wearing lately? If your gaze goes over to the old sweatpants that you have had for years, it may be time to shake things up. When you pick out your clothing carefully, you are making decisions that impact only you. You will find that there are many choices that you can make, ranging from a stylish pair of jeans to a lovely wrap dress that closes around in an creates an elegant look. This is the perfect time to look into clothing that lets other people know who you really are.

Think about the patterns that you love. Perhaps you prefer plain solids that are in vibrant colors, or perhaps you adore tiny prints on solid backgrounds. On the other hand, maybe you love patterns that are larger than life in bright and bold colors! There are so many different patterns out there that finding the ones that suit you may take a fair amount of time. Consider the patterns that draw your eye and consider why that may be. For some people, abstract patterns are key. For others, flowers may be more preferable, or they may even favor skulls and funky fruits!

When you are experimenting with fashion, remember that fit is something that you need to consider. If a garment doesn’t fit, it will never look quite right on you. Even if you adore everything else about the garment, put it back if it is too big or too small. If the fit issues are relatively minor, you may simply wish to have the garment tailored, something that can make an incredible difference to the things you wear.

If you are ready to get out of your head and to revel in the potential that you have, it is time to get dressed! Choose garments that are uniquely you and see the difference it makes.

Check out the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog for more information on creativity and wellness.


What not to expect from natural beauty products.

If you are contemplating the switch to natural skin care and other personal care products, it is important that you begin with proper expectations.  It is not fair to compare natural skin care with their synthetic-laden counterparts. It is like comparing apples to oranges. As you get started on your quest for quality, natural products, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Natural beauty products will not last forever. 

When you buy natural products make sure you use them. These are not the products that should reside under your counter and used as a back up. Natural products often use few, if any, preservatives. As a result their shelf life is much shorter than non-natural products that contain the preservatives you are trying to avoid. You invested in them, use them.

Natural beauty products will not feel the same.

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Coconut oil: Beauty’s natural wonder

Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years as a treatment of skin ailments due to its antimicrobial, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  Beyond the skin, coconut oil has many other useful heath and beauty benefits.  No need to worry about its high saturated fat content though, studies have shown the overall health benefits of a regular dose coconut oil in your diet and beauty routine.

Read more to find out how Coconut Oil can help with Weight Loss, Digestion, Moisturizing Skin and Hair and Healing.

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Natural Allergy Relief

Spring is here and with it comes the dreaded allergy season. If you would prefer to stay away from over the counter options, here are some natural options that can help provide some relief: Neti Pot, Local Raw Honey, Stinging Nettle and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

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The best beauty product ever

Sleep. Yes, that’s right – sleep.  Everyone loves sleep and everyone seems to want more sleep, Somehow, though, sleep always gets pushed aside to finish laundry, something on a to do list or just to relax after a long day.  Sleep not only improves mood, increases mental cognition and promotes a healthy body, it can be instrumental and probably the most important ingredient in any skin care regime.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you will wear it on your skin. Lack of sleep can darken circles under the eyes, increase fine lines and wrinkles and lead to a dull complexion that is dehydrated and tired looking.

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Do You Really Need a Skin Care Regimen?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It is a living, breathing thing and needs proper care and proper products to keep it functioning properly.

The types of products you use on your skin are vitally important to the long term health of your skin. Most commercially produced products may contain chemicals and engineered “natural” ingredients that may show short-term results but may not contribute to the long-term health of your skin. Look for hand crafted products using natural ingredients from plants to provide the best nutrients to your skin. Why hand crafted? Hand crafted helps to ensure freshly made products and usually contain natural ingredients including natural preservatives.

What does a skin care regimen entail? Read on.


A guide to reading natural skin care labels

It is becoming more apparent that reading the labels of what you put on your body is as important as what you put into it.  Sometimes, that is easier said than done. Here are a few guidelines to help assist you in your quest for quality, natural skin care products.

Ingredients are listed in descending order of concentration starting with the ingredient containing the greatest concentration. As a general guideline, the first half of the ingredients account for about 93 – 97% of the product and the remaining half account for about 3-7% of the product.

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Lavender: A must have essential oil

Lavender is a popular scent in personal care products and many people know of its ability to relax.  Did you know lavender provides more than just a relaxing aroma?  You might be surprised to find out that lavender essential oil can be used to solve a variety of common problems.

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One ingredient wonder: Coffee

Coffee is full of antioxidants and caffeine which not only provides you with an energy boost in the morning, it can also boost your skin’s appearance by reducing redness, inflammation, dark circles, the appearance of fine lines and even cellulite.

Caffeine is one of the latest trends in skin care because it constricts blood cells which will firm and tighten the surface of the skin, while reducing inflammation and redness.  Caffeine is also attributed to dehydrating fatty cells which provides an appearance of smooth skin thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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Your New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

We spend so much time focusing on resolutions like losing weight, volunteering more, being a better parent, etc.  Take some time to do a few things this year that will make you feel good about yourself!

1. Just toss it.

If you are like me, you have cupboards and drawers full of beauty products that you don’t use but you are afraid to throw it away just in case.  Well now is the time to free yourself from the clutter and what is likely to be bad beauty products.  If you haven’t used them in the last month (a month filled with parties, gatherings and special events) you have no need for it – so throw it away! Yes, all of it!

Great! Now don’t you feel better?

2. Evaluate your skin care routine.

How is your skin looking to you? If you are not happy, go and get a facial and talk to an expert about your skin.  If natural is as important to you as it is to me, make sure and seek out professionals that understand natural products and how they differ from traditional skin care routines,  so they can advise you appropriately.  It is time to learn and implement. The effort will be worth it.

3. A New Head of Hair

When was the last time you changed your hair style? It might be time to switch it up.  A new cut (or even some color) can do wonders for changing how you look and feel about yourself. A professional that understands your hair is worth the money.

So these are my simple and easy to achieve beauty resolutions. Now go out and mix it up. These are much more fun then waiting in line for the treadmill!

What beauty resolutions are making this year?

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