My Story

I started Fizz Bath Shop when one day while enjoying a bath bomb purchased at a popular store, I realized the bright pink bath water I was sitting in was wrong, just wrong. The ironic part of this story is the store initially attracted me because of its allusion that its products are natural. Trust me when I say there is nothing in nature the color of my bath water that day.

As I started to do research on the products in my bathroom cabinet, I became alarmed at the amount of synthetic ingredients in my so-called natural products. It was this newly found information that prompted me to start experimenting in my kitchen combining simple ingredients in simple ways to make quality products. With the help of my family and friends, I was able to develop a core group of products that use the finest ingredients found in nature, many providing therapeutic benefits.

My commitment and passion is to providing my customers (and myself) with natural, mostly organic, freshly hand-crafted products. Our products are made daily in our store. Every product has a story as to how it came to life and I love sharing these stories with anyone who will listen. Come in and browse sometime. You will often find me behind my pink Kitchen Aide mixer telling a story or two.

About Fizz Bath Shop

Kim Yuhl, Owner Fizz Bath Shop

Skin Friendly

Fizz Bath Shop has adopted a skin friendly approach to personal care as part of its main mission. We believe every ingredient in every product should have purpose, should be the of the highest quality and should be found in nature. We commit to providing safe products. You will never find harmful, toxic ingredients in our products.

To learn more about the ingredients in your products and their purpose, visit Diary of a Natural Cosmetics Junkie. Each week, we review the ingredient labels of various natural (and some not so natural) products. We explain the ingredients in plain english and rate it as a natural product and its ingredients in terms of safety. We will be glad to investigate the ingredients on the labels of your favorite products, just submit your request on the blog.

For a listing of our products and their purpose, Click Here.
For a listing of ingredients you should avoid, Click Here.

Planet Friendly

Using high-quality, purposeful ingredients found in nature is only one-half of our mission. It is also important to ensure we are doing our part to take care of the planet. We firmly believe and implement the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mentality. Here are some of the ways in which we are doing our part.

  • Our product containers are household recyclable. We are currently investigating biodegradable containers that will stand up to the oils and butters we use in our products.
  • The bags used in packaging our solid products (bath fizzes, shower steams, massage bars and soaps) are biodegradable and compostable.
  • Anyone in Flagstaff can bring in their empty, clean and sanitized containers and we will refill at a discount while making our next batch.
  • We reuse all boxes and packing materials. We know you understand and will appreciate receiving your order in box with character that may have traveled around a bit.
  • We avoid ingredients that are linked to deforestation and/or non-fair trade practices.

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