Holding Hands Shouldn’t Hurt

Over the last few weeks I have had several people with dry, cracked hands come in asking for help. If your hands are cracking you have let it go too far. You know what they say, prevention is the best medicine.  To begin with, the tips I had in the Winter Skincare Musts post are applicable to hands as well but there are some additional things you can do to help your hands stay soft and healthy during the winter.

Protect Your Hands

The best way to keep your hands healthy is to protect them by wearing gloves. Try to wear gloves whenever possible outside. It seems like such a little thing but this is your best defense against the winter elements.  Taking the glove tip one step further, wear rubber gloves when doing dishes or other household cleaning. The chemicals and hot water are very drying, so protect your hands from them.


One of the Winter Skncare Musts!  As mentioned in that post, “In order for any moisturizer to be effective, you need skin that will absorb it”.  I keep a hand scrub in my kitchen and follow up after cooking with a light scrub. It gets rid of odors from the food and leaves your skin ready to absorb some moisture.  Be careful about over exfoliating if you have cracks in your skin. You want to make sure and get these healed.

Deep Moisture

Warm a little bit of olive oil (or coconut oil if you have it) and let your hands soak in it for a few minutes.  When I do this, I do not wipe off the excess oil, I just let it drip back into the bowl and let the oil absorb into my skin. Sometimes I will put on some cotton gloves for a few minutes. If you are able  – you can sleep with them on. I do not like sleeping with them so I take them off before bed.

Moisturize Often

Look in your bag, do you have some lotion, balm or butter in it? If not, don’t leave home without one or all.  Apply often throughout the day especially if you are not wearing gloves (which you should be) and after washing your hands.  When you think you have applied too much, apply more!

Avoid Sanitizers

it is proven that washing your hands is more effective than sanitizers. While convenient, sanitizers are usually alcohol based which makes them extremely drying. So, choose to wash your hands over using a sanitizer. If you absolutely must use a sanitizer try to find a natural one and immediately moisturize.


Much like your lips (See Kissable Lips), your hands are what is exposed most to the elements of the extremely drying winter cold. Protecting them is the most important thing you can do.

Fizz Bath Shop’s Hand Products from left to right: Hand Scrub, Hand Butter, Hand Sanitizer, Cuticle Balm

Tell me about your favorite tips for keeping your skin, lips and hands in good condition during the winter.


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  1. Kimberly
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 16:30:18

    I found what you said about sanitizers interesting because I am taking a food safety course. I always thought that they were a good substitute for hand washing when you were in a pinch, but I have discovered that they are not all they are cracked up to be! They should be used in addition to and not instead of. So not only are they damaging to your skin, they are not the healthiest option!


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