Winter Skincare Musts

This week the weather in Flagstaff turned bitterly cold and boy is my skin feeling the change. So I thought this would be a good time to write about some tips for keeping your skin in tip top condition.  As a note, I am going to do a separate blogs on hands and lips because I hear from a lot of people about these two specific areas.

Here are my tips and some general guidelines to help your skin stay lively during the winter months:

1. Use a Humidifier
Adding moisture into dry air is extremely beneficial to your skin and you don’t even need to use a humidifier. You can add moisture in the air by simmering water on your stove.  A great tip for travelers is to hang damp towels on a door knob.

2. Do Not Forget Sunscreen
Sunscreen tends to not be as much of a focus in winter but your skin is still susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun.  In fact, add the glare from the sun and its ability to damage increases.  Remember to apply sunscreen!

3. Moisturize Often
I am sure everyone thinks this is the answer to their prayers during winter – and you are right. However, you really need to be aware of the moisturizers you are using.  Look for non-clogging oils like coconut, avocado or almond oils. Another good product idea is a solid lotion that contains some natural waxes, as wax can provide a protective layer to the skin that will help retain more moisture.

4. Exfoliate
In order for any moisturizer to be effective, you need skin that will absorb it.  It is time to remove the dead skin cells that are more prevalent due to the drying effects of winter weather.

5. Limit Hot Showers and Baths (gasp):
There is no doubt about it, hot water will dehydrate your skin. I HATE saying this because I am a hot shower and very hot bath kind of gal. It is true I will never give these up so I make sure and add oils to my bath and massage oils into my skin while showering.

6. Hydrate
We talked about hydrating your air, now it is time to hydrate your body.  You hear it often but it is even more important during the winter. Drink up – water that is.  Another great way to hydrate your skin through the winter is to mist it often with mists designed for hydration or even water.

7. Supplements
There are several supplements that can help from within. Fish Oil and Flax Seed are excellent sources of moisture-replenishing fatty acids,  Zinc is needed for the oil-producing glands of the skin. Vitamin C for collagen production.

8. Quit Smoking
Now is the time! The toxins found in cigarettes combined with the dry winter air increases the risk of premature aging and skin damage.

Here are a few of my favorite products that can help.

For Moisture:

From left to right: Body  Oil,  Body Butter,  Body Cream,  Lotion Bar


For Bath:

From left to right: Bath & Body Oil,  Bubbling Bath Salts,  Moisture Bath Fizz PackMilk Bath


For Shower:

From left to right: Bath & Body OIl,  Sugar Scrub

What are favorite products that help you survive the dry winter months?




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Victoria @ Easy2Save
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 10:03:41

    Your grapefruit sugar scrub is working very well for me.


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