My No Soap, No Shampoo Challenge

I am often asked about eliminating soap and shampoo from one’s daily routine. I have not personally tried this but obviously know people that swear by it.  So for the sake of research, not to mention my own curiosity, I have embarked on a no soap, no shampoo routine.

When I began about a week ago, I was really nervous. First; I have a lot of hair.  I mean a lot and it is curly and frizzy. So trading in my favorite taming shampoo and conditioner for baking soda and vinegar was a little daunting. Second: like half of the United States, I started working out every day.  No soap for my stinkiness – yuck.  Third: My face. I have been using Fizz’s body cleanser as my face cleanser and my face has been responding well.  But it is soap, and even though it is natural, it does not qualify to be used.

After the first week, I will admit – It is not too bad. I have been using a baking soda and water mixture for my hair followed by a vinegar and water mixture as a rinse.  I have also been using the baking soda mixture as a facial cleanser/exfoliant.

So after week one, I will say my hair is responding nicely.  In fact today when washing it, I felt the baking soda pulling excess oil from my scalp.  It was actually quite interesting and I was impressed. My hair seems to be softer, have  bit more control and lot less frizz. I did whip up a light jojoba hair spray to apply after my shower.  Here is a picture of my crazy hair, just so you know what I have to work with.

I am not loving my face at the moment.  It is breaking out and seems to be a bit dry. I have been using Fizz’s body oil and whipped shea butter on my extra dry spots.  I am hoping my face will adjust like my hair did in the next week.

My body seems to be a bit better off and my legs seem a lot less itchy.  I have been using the baking soda mix all over and have thrown in Fizz’s sugar scrub for good measure.  I feel the need to scrub, scrub, scrub – maybe it is the psychological effects of not using soap.

So for now I am in the fair to partly sunny range on my assessment of this challenge.  Let’s see what this next week will bring.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stella
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 11:22:45

    I use organic conditioner and apple cider vinegar on my hair and that’s it. I haven’t used shampoo since October and don’t miss it. My hair is so much more healthy than it used to be.


    • fizzbathshop
      Jan 24, 2011 @ 11:53:44

      I am really liking my hair without the shampoo too. I must say the vinegar smell is not my favorite though but I can’t argue with results.


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